The 100% privacy-safe noise & occupancy solution

Know what’s happening between check-in and check-out, without compromising guest privacy.

Privacy-safe noise monitoring gives you insight into what’s happening at your property and tools to resolve noise quickly. So you can fix vacation-rental noise problems before they lead to neighbor complaints, expensive fines, parties, or property damage.

  • Full Property Coverage, Outdoors and In. Indoor monitoring, plus the industry’s only weatherproof outdoor noise sensor, to protect your whole property 24/7.
  • Elevated-Occupancy Detection to Prevent Crowds and Parties. Noise issues and excessive occupancy often go hand-in-hand. Find out when a crowd is gathering, and stop parties before they happen.
  • Protect Guest Privacy. NoiseAware never identifies specific guest sounds or records guests. Ever. FCC-certified privacy-safe NoiseAware measures decibel levels over time, giving you privacy-safe noise monitoring that puts guest experience first.

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